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How does the Message Archiver Folder Sync feature track emails as a user moves them from folder to folder?

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* The Barracuda Message Archiver

The Message Archiver's nightly folder sync will scan an Exchange user's mailbox and folders, and send the related information back to the Archiver, detailing which email message is in which folder.

The Folder Sync job itself does not import any emails to the Archiver; the email messages are sent to the Message Archiver via real-time journaling.

When the user moves an email between folders, the Message Archiver will update the location of the email once the next nightly folder sync job runs and captures the changed information about the email's location.

The Message Archiver will keep track of all folders an email has historically been seen in. This does not cause any extra copies of the mail to be stored; the association is actually performed by associating the messageID of the email and the name of the folder(s) that the email should be shown in.

Additional Notes:
  • Inbox, Sent Items, and Deleted Items folders are not scanned by folder sync jobs (folders under Inbox are scanned).
  • Email messages will show in the Inbox if the user is on the recipient list.
  • An email will be visible in Sent items if the user's SMTP address (or email aliases) appear in the From: header of the email.
  • Emails in Deleted Items will already be in the Archiver under Inbox, as long as customer is sending mail to the Message Archiver via journaling.
  • At this time, Folder Sync Data does not automatically synchronize between Message Archivers in a HA cluster. This functionality will be present in our 3.5GA firmware release.

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