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Barracuda Network Access Client

This Firmware Version Is End-Of-Support

Documentation for this product is no longer updated. Please see End-of-Support for CloudGen Firewall Firmware for further information on our EoS policy.

Fully Preconfigured Custom Installation

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The customer.inf setup is a comprehensive installation method, allowing you to fully preconfigure all Network Access Client settings remotely on multiple installation systems. Only experienced system administrators should perform this method. In addition to pure installation and basic configuration, it allows you to:

  • Preconfigure an arbitrary number of connection profiles on the Network Access Client.
  • Import license (.lic) files and X.509 certificates into the Network Access Client.
  • Import preconfigured rulesets into the Personal Firewall.

The customer.inf setup is only available for the Barracuda VPN Client. It requires administrator rights on the target system. Exemplary script files required for Customer.inf setup (customer.inf, silent.cmd) are available on the Customer Install Files  page, allowing you to adapt the remote configuration procedure.

Installation Using a customer.inf File

Prepare the install files customer.inf and silent.cmd, and execute an unattended customer setup.

Both the customer.inf and silent.cmd files are adapted for inclusion of a customer.lic file. If you are not importing a license (.lic) file during installation, delete the corresponding entries in both files. If you are using another name for the .lic file, do not forget to edit the respective installation files. The content of the customer.inf file is treated as case sensitive.

Step 1. Edit the customer.inf File

Prepare the customer.inf file and remove nonessential parameters before applying it for custom setup. For detailed information about this file and its components, see Customer Install Files.

Do not rename the customer.inf file.

The following steps describe only the minimum required information. You may add any other Barracuda Networks registry entry.

  1. Edit the Default Entry – HKU, .DEFAULT\Software\Phion\phionvpn\Profile\1, Default, 0x00010001, 1
    Value 1 sets a profile to the default profile of the Barracuda VPN Client. All other profiles take the value 0.
  2. Edit the DHCP Entry – HKU, .DEFAULT\Software\Phion\phionvpn\Profile\1, dhcp, 0x00010001, 1
    Editing this value changes the value of the Virtual Adapter Configuration parameter:
    • Assign IP address manually
    • Use internal DHCP assignment (default)
    • Direct assignment
  3. Edit the Profile Name – HKU, .DEFAULT\Software\Phion\phionvpn\Profile\1, description, 0x00000000, "profile name"
  4. Name the License (customer.lic) – HKU, .DEFAULT\Software\Phion\phionvpn\Profile\1, license, 0x00000000, "%65600%\customer.lic"
    (%65600% is used as a placeholder for the installation directory.)
  5. Step 5. Enter the IP Address of the VPN Server – HKU, .DEFAULT\Software\Phion\phionvpn\Profile\1, server, 0x00000000, ""

Do not change the name of the firewall ruleset entry (active.i_fwrule). Remove this line if you do not intend to install the Personal Firewall with a predefined ruleset that meets company policy.

Step 2. Prepare the silent.cmd File:

Save the following to a.cmd file. Separate multiple properties with spaces:

@echo off
setup.exe /s /v"/qr CUSTOMER_INF=customer.inf PROGTYPE=ENTEGRA
xcopy /S X509-Certificate.p12 "c:\Program Files\BarracudaNG"

Specific properties must be inserted into one row. For an overview of the available properties, see the Partially Preconfigured Unattended Remote Custom Installation page.

Step 3. Copy the Files to the Setup Directory

Copy the following files to the folder containing the setup.exe file:

  • customer.inf
  • silent.cmd
  • active.i_fwrule (optional)
  • [LicenseName].lic (optional)
  • [CertificateName].p12 (optional)

Step 4. Execute the Installation

  • Execute the silent.cmd file to trigger an unattended customer setup.

After installing the client, you can connect and configure the settings. Continue with Getting Started.

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