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Barracuda Network Access Client

NAC PowerShell for Windows

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The Barracuda Network Access Client for Windows allows administrators and users to configure and control the VPN client via command-line interface.


The following commands are available:

  • Add-AppCertificateAuthority – Offers the option to add a CA certificate to the app-internal store. Only a single certificate can be imported and all common formats as they can be used on Windows are supported (e.g., .PFX, .P12, .CER, .CRT,...).
  • Add-PolicyServer – Add a policy server.
  • Add-VPNProfile – Create a VPN profile. Enter description, context, address, and authentication details as prompted.
  • Clear-MasterPassword – Delete the master password.
  • Clear-PolicyServerDHCP – Clear the cache of the policy server if configured.
  • Connect-VPN – Initiate a connection using a configured VPN profile.
  • Disable-PersonalFirewall – Disable the Personal Firewall.
  • Disconnect-VPN – Terminate a VPN connection.
  • Enable-PersonalFirewall – Enable the Personal Firewall.
  • Export-NACAppConfiguration – Export the Network Access Client configuration.
  • Export-VPNProfile – Export a configured VPN profile.
  • Get-AppCertificateAuthority – Show CA certificates from the app-internal store.
  • Get-HealthAgentSettings – Display the settings of the Barracuda Health Agent if configured.
  • Get-MasterPasswordStatus – Show the status of the master password if configured.
  • Get-PolicyServer – Show the details of a policy server.
  • Get-VPNConnectionStatus – Show the status of a VPN connection.
  • Get-VPNProfile – Show the details of a configured VPN profile.
  • Get-VPNSettings – Display the VPN settings as configured.
  • Import-NACAppConfiguration – Import a Network Access Client configuration.
  • Import-VPNProfile – Import a VPN Profile.
  • Remove-AppCertificateAuthority – Remove a CA certificate from the app-internal store.
  • Remove-PolicyServer – Remove the policy server if configured.
  • Remove-VPNProfile – Delete a configured VPN profile.
  • Set-HealthAgentSettings – Configure the Barracuda Health Agent.
  • Set-MasterPassword – Set the master password.
  • Set-VPNProfile – Create a VPN profile.
  • Set-VPNSettings – Configure VPN settings.
  • Set-WindowsCredentials – Set Microsoft Windows credentials.
  • Start-HealthValidation – Initiate a health check using the Barracuda Health Agent.
  • Stop-NetworkAccessClient – Turn off the application.

For detailed syntax information of each command, type -? after the cmdlet (for example: C:\WINDOWS\system32> Connect-VPN -?).