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Barracuda Network Access Client

Network Access Client Logging

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Verbose output is essential for proper analysis. You can enable logging for the client service to receive detailed information. Information for analysis, serialized by the Barracuda Network Access Client, is stored on the local hard drive if verbosity is enabled. These files can be found in the log directory located in the Barracuda Network Access Client installation directory.

Barracuda Network Access Client Logging

(General, VPN-only, and NAC full-installation)

By default, logging is disabled. To edit this option manually, modify the following registry key:

  • 0 (disabled)
  • 1 (enabled, default)

Log Files

Log files residing in [Barracuda Network Access Client Installation Path]\log\ can be opened by using a text editor. The following log files are available, depending on the configured level of verbosity:

  • cudanacsvc.log – Log information by the client service, depending on log settings configuration.
  • client.xml – XML file sent to the Access Control Server containing information about the client computer if user-based health evaluation is performed.

  • connect.xml – Information about connectivity and connection errors.
  • download.xml – Contains data from the last download, such as ruleset, message of the day, etc.
  • downloadLocal.xml – Contains data received if a local-computer-based health evaluation succeeded.
  • downloadUser.xml – Contains data received if a user-based health evaluation succeeded.
  • health.xml – Last health evaluation result returned by the Access Control Server.
  • healthLocal.xml – Last health evaluation result for local-computer-based health evaluation.
  • healthUser.xml – Last health evaluation result for user-based health evaluation.
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