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Barracuda Network Access Client

How to Import a *.vpn File into the VPN Client

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You can import VPN profiles and Barracuda Personal Licenses to the Barracuda Network Access Client and the Barracuda VPN Client for Windows using configuration files with the suffix *.vpn that can be configured and created using Barracuda Firewall Admin (see: How to Create a *.vpn File). After a *.vpn file has been prepared, it can be imported into one or more VPN Clients. For example, a system administrator might decide to email *.vpn files to end users or provide them as downloads within the corporate network.

Before You Begin

A *.vpn file for import must have been copied or moved to the workstation or be accessible otherwise via the file system. Ensure that an instance of the Barracuda Network Access / VPN Client is correctly installed on the workstation. See also: How to Install the Barracuda Network Access/VPN Client for Windows.

Import a *.vpn file into the Barracuda VPN Client for Windows

  • Locate the *.vpn file in the Windows Explorer and then double-click it to import the file into the VPN client.
    A successful import is indicated by this message:  

The newly imported VPN profile is listed in VPN Control > VPN Profiles > Barracuda Authentication. If the *.vpn file contains a Barracuda Personal License, a license file will automatically be created during the import and stored at the default location for licenses, which is the Barracuda Network Access Client's working directory (usually C:\ProgramData\ngclient).

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