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Barracuda Network Access Client

Fully Preconfigured Custom Installation

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The silent.cmd setup is a comprehensive installation method, allowing you to fully preconfigure all Network Access Client settings remotely on multiple installation systems. The silent.cmd setup is only available for the Barracuda VPN Client. It requires administrator rights on the target system. Only experienced system administrators should perform this method. 

Installation Using a silent.cmd File

Prepare the install file and execute an unattended customer setup.

Step 1. Prepare the silent.cmd File:

Save the following to silent.cmd file. Separate multiple properties with spaces:

@echo off
start /wait BarracudaNAC.exe /clone_wait /s /v"/qr PROGTYPE=VPN REBOOT=Suppress"
reg import mysettings.reg

The registry file (mysettings.reg) allows optional import of client settings (e.g., export of HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Phion\phionvpn\Profile to use pre-existing profiles).

If you want to install the Barracuda Credential Provider (e.g., to use Single Sign-On), you can do this by appending the following command to the script above.

start /wait BarracudaNAC.exe /clone_wait /s /v"/qr PROGTYPE=VPN ADDLOCAL=x64CredProv REBOOT=Suppress"
Step 2. Copy the File to the Setup Directory
  • Copy the silent.cmd file to the folder containing the BarracudaNAC.exe file.
Step 3. Execute the Installation
  • Execute the silent.cmd file to trigger an unattended customer setup.

After installing the client, you can connect and configure the settings. Continue with Getting Started.

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