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Barracuda Network Access Client

How to Establish a VPN Connection Using Barracuda VPN Client for macOS

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After installing and configuring the Barracuda VPN Client for macOS, you can initiate a VPN connection with the settings from a configured VPN profile. You can also establish and terminate VPN connections from the Barracuda VPN Client icon in the system tray.

Before You Begin

Configure the Barracuda VPN Client for macOS and create a VPN profile as described in How to Configure the Barracuda VPN Client for macOS.

Initiating a VPN Connection

  1. Launch the Barracuda VPN Client.
  2. Select a VPN profile from the Profile list.
  3. Depending on the profile settings, you may be prompted to enter authentication credentials for the server, license, or proxy:
    • If the profile is configured for public key authentication, enter your Server password and License password credentials.
    • If the profile is configured for simple username and password authentication, enter your Username and Password credentials.
    • If a server password is required, enter your Server password credentials.
      Punkt 3a.png
    • If multi-factor authentication using OTP is configured, enter the One-time password.
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  4. Click Connect.

For security reasons, credentials within application processes are securely transported via the Apple keychain. As long as Remember in Keychain is not selected, the credentials are only stored temporarily, and the system asks for access permission, which can be answered with Always Allow to allow access until the client is terminated or with Allow to allow access until the tunnel is disconnected.

The Barracuda VPN Client forks a background process that keeps running even if you exit the main client. You can close the Barracuda VPN Client window but keep established VPN connections running in the background by clicking Close. To terminate an established VPN connection, click Disconnect in the client window. You can then establish a new VPN connection with a different VPN profile. When you terminate an established VPN connection, the background process is also terminated.

Viewing the Connection Status

In the Barracuda VPN Client window, the traffic indicator icon shows the status of your VPN connection. As the VPN connection authenticates and establishes itself, the icon changes from gray to blue to green. When there are no active VPN connections, the icon is gray and shows a broken connection.


When an initiated VPN connection is successfully authenticated, the traffic icon turns blue and Connect to changes to Connecting. Wait a few moments for the VPN tunnel to completely establish itself.


When the VPN connection successfully establishes itself, the traffic icon turns green and Connect to changes to Connected to.


If the connection fails, the traffic icon turns into a red cross. Click Retry, or click Cancel to reenter your credentials.


Viewing Connection Details

To display the details of your connection, click the information icon (i) on the top right of the login window. In the Connection Details section, you can view the following information about your VPN connection:

  • Client IP – The IP address used by the client TAP device.
  • Gateway – The gateway to the VPN server.
  • DNS – The DNS that is assigned by the VPN server.
  • Mbits/s – The traffic throughput in Mbits per second.
  • Routes – The routes in use.

Initiating a VPN Connection from the System Tray Menu

To establish a VPN connection from the Barracuda VPN Client icon in the system tray, click a VPN profile. You can establish only one VPN connection at a time. To establish a VPN connection with a different VPN profile, you must first disconnect from the established VPN connection.

To view the status and configuration of your VPN connection and client, you can also click the following menu options:

  • Show Status Window
  • Show Configuration
  • About Barracuda VPN Client


When a VPN connection is successfully established, the status icon turns green.


To enable or disable logging for the VPN Client, select Troubleshooting.


As of Barracuda VPN Client for macOS version 5.3.1, a new log level (expert log messages) has been implemented that allows debugging of connection problems. However, it is not recommended to leave this setting enabled because it will require additional storage space.

To terminate your VPN connection and close the Barracuda VPN Client, click Quit Barracuda VPN Client.

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