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Barracuda Network Access Client

Release Notes - Barracuda NAC/VPN Client 5.1 for Windows

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Barracuda NAC 5.1 for Windows

This is a 5.1.x Feature Release containing several architectural changes. Before starting a production roll-out, please consider whether a Maintenance Release or a Feature Release is the best version for your requirements balanced against risk. We always recommend that you test the client in your own environment and then do a staged iterative roll-out in order to quickly identify any issues running the client in your specific environment.

Before installing the new software version, back up your configuration and read all of the release notes that apply to the versions that are more current than the version that is running on your system.

Do not manually reboot your system at any time while the update is in process, unless otherwise instructed by Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

Download this Release

You can download the install files for the Barracuda Network Access Client from http://login.barracudanetworks.com

Version 5.1

  • Barracuda Network Access Client version 5.1 is the direct successor to Barracuda Network Access Client version 5.0.4 and contains all improvements and features delivered with version 5.0.4.
  • Updating to Barracuda Network Access Client 5.1 is possible for any prior version.

  • CudaLaunch 2.5.1 for Windows adds support for CudaLaunch VPN Connections via Barracuda Network Access Client v5.0.0. If you are using the Network Access Client in conjunction with CudaLaunch, please ensure that you upgrade CudaLaunch to 2.5.1 or higher.
System Requirements
Operating Systems

Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit.

In case you are not running on Windows 10 and your system is not up to date (e.g., Windows 7 without recent updates), one or more of the following Windows Updates may be required:

TOTP and IPv6 tunneling require Barracuda CloudGen Firewall version 8.0.1 on the server-side.

What's New with the Barracuda Network Access Client 5.1
  • Multi-Factor Authentication using Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) has been added. (BNNGF-53420)
  • The VPN Client does now support tunneling of IPv6 traffic. (BNNGF-54848)
Improvements Included with the Barracuda Network Access Client 5.1
  • Service status reporting for the VPN Connector has been improved. (BNNGF-58203)
  • VPN interface statistics (TX/RX Bytes/Packets) do now work properly. (BNNGF-54894)
  • Round-trip times (RTT) of VPN servers are now measured correctly during connection attempts. (BNNGF-60333)
  • Firewall/Antivirus detection does now work properly on Windows 10 version 1809 and newer. (BNNGF-56883)
  • The VPN Client does now work properly within an RDP session. (BNNGF-59029)

  • VPN Adapter repair and troubleshooting has been improved. (BNNGF-60055)

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