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Barracuda Network Access Client

Best Practice - How to Turn Off PacketTunnel Keychain Access Queries

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To turn off recurring PacketTunnel Keychain Access queries, complete the following steps:

If you have multiple VPN profiles you must do this for every profile.

  1. Initiate your required VPN connection and enter the password for the Keychain Access.


  2. For every VPN profile, change the Keychain Access Entry and its policy:
    1. Open the and search for the Barracuda NAC mobile entry.
    2. Double-click the entry. The Access Control window opens.
    3. Select Allow all applications to access this item
    4. Enter the login password to confirm your changes, and click Allow.
  3. In case you have selected the Remember in keychain option, confirm the changes for the last time with the Keychain Access Password.

You should now no longer receive recurring PacketTunnel Keychain Access queries.

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