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Barracuda MSP – Partner Enablement

Incident Response for MSPs - Advanced

  • Course Number: MSPIR0102
  • Role: Expert
  • Duration: 7 minutes


This course was designed for our MSP Partners to be able to use our Incident Response Product AFTER its been setup. This advanced course will cover the following topics:

  1. Creating an incident and interpreting results
  2. User reported emails
  3. Automated work flow examples
  4. Users Reporting Emails
  5. Insights suggesting emails outside the USA
  6. Setting Automated Incident Creation Defaults
  7. General Tour of the interface

Barracuda Incident Response is a tool that focuses on mail after it’s been delivered. Its primary function is to streamline the lookup and removal of unwanted messages in the mailboxes of end users. It has organic lookups, suggestions, and regional lookup tools to locate messages. It also adds user reporting features that allow admins to become aware of undesired messages as reported by the users themselves. Finally, it ties all its capabilities into Automated Workflows which allows you to set thresholds which trigger removal of messages, policy changes, and even Email & Slack notifications.Topics covered in this course:

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