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Image Gallery

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Security Awareness Training includes hundreds of images and has unlimited storage for images you upload, including your organization's logo. You can use these images:

  • in your campaigns to make them appear more attractive and legitimate to your users.
  • on educational pages, branding them with your logo so users know they are on a friendly website.
  • as buttons or placeholders in your templates or attachments.

For information on customizing components, refer to Email TemplatesLanding Pages, and Training Content.

Accessing the Image Gallery

You can access the Image Gallery in two ways:

  • Navigate to Campaigns > Image Gallery 
  • Within a template or campaign, click Browse browseButton.png 

Uploading Your Own Images

Use your own images, like your organization's logos, to make your campaigns more legitimate. 

You can upload images in two ways:

  • At the top of the Image Gallery, click Upload uploadButton.png
  • Drag and drop an image into the Image Gallery or into a specific Image Gallery folder

Working with Images

Within the Image Gallery:

  • Navigate folders in the left panel to view images for specific purposes.
  • Download one or more images download.png.
  • Select an image to use in a template or campaign.
  • Move an image from one folder to another wrench.png.
  • Send an image to the recycle bin imageDelete.png.

Any images you add while using the Browse button browseButton.png within a campaign will remain in the Image Gallery for you to use in the future.