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How to Create a Dynamic Address Book

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A Dynamic Address Book is populated automatically based on users' actions, for example clicking a link in a specific Campaign. Dynamic Address Books are always associated with with Automated Campaigns.

To create a Dynamic Address Book: 

  1. Navigate to Campaigns > Address Books, then click New.
  2. For Source Type, select Dynamic.
  3. Enter a Name and optional Description for the Address Book.
  4. Click Save. The page refreshes. The information you entered in Step 3 is available to edit, if you choose.

  5. For the Type, select one of the following types of Dynamic Address Book. 
    The following automatic campaigns are triggered by end users' actions during the course of the campaign (Immediate Feedback campaign).
    • Dynamic: Activity Clicker Notification – Sends a follow-up email to users who clicked a link in a campaign email.
    • Dynamic: Activity Login Attempt Notification – Sends a follow-up email to users who attempted to log into a landing page as part of a campaign.
    • Dynamic: Email Reply Notification – Sends a follow-up email to users who attempted to reply to a campaign email.
    • Dynamic: FW: Incident Response Notification – Sends a follow-up email to users who reported a campaign email as suspicious. This requires the use of the Phish Reporting Button or other method of reporting suspicious emails to Security Awareness Training.

    The following automatic campaigns are designed to be run on-demand at the end of a campaign (On-Demand automated campaign).
    Note that these Manager Notification types of Campaigns require that you have manager email addresses configured in your Campaign Address Book.
    Sent to Managers

    • Dynamic: Manager Notification: Employee Clicker List – Informs managers of which employees clicked a link in a campaign email.
    • Dynamic: Manager Notification: Employee Training Reminder – Informs managers of which employees have yet to complete their training.

    Sent to Employees

    • Dynamic: On-Demand - Non-Clicker Notification – Sends a congratulatory email to employees who did not interact with a campaign email.
    • Dynamic: Training Completed Notification – Sends a congratulatory email to employees who completed their training.
  6. Optional: You can choose a Category for your Dynamic Address Book.
  7. Specify a Start and End Date when the Dynamic Address Book will start and stop collecting data.
    Unless you have a reason to stop address collection by a certain date, set the End Date far in the future, like 01/01/2030 to ensure you do not miss any addresses.
  8. Optional: Selecting Include Sample Emails allows you to determine if this address book is set up correctly by sending a Dry Run message in your automated campaign. If you then interact with the Dry Run message in the way determined by the Type you selected above (i.e. click on a link in the message), you will see your email address listed in the DAB Addresses listed below.
    • This step is only useful for new campaigns. You cannot send Dry Run messages for existing campaigns that are in the live stage.
  9. Complete this step if you selected an immediate feedback dynamic address book type in step 5 above – Dynamic: Activity Clicker Notification, Dynamic: Activity Login Attempt NotificationDynamic: Email Reply Notification, or Dynamic: FW: Incident Response Notification. (It is not needed for On-Demand automated campaigns because those are designed to run against any completed campaign.)
    In the Campaigns section, select one or more Campaigns you want to monitor for this Dynamic Address Book. For example, if you are sending an email to users who clicked links in a Campaign, this is where you specify the Campaign with the questionable links.
    If you are uncertain of your which campaign to select, click the magnifying glass icon magnify-glass.png to see basic information about a Campaign, like its description or date range.
    Note that this is not required for the two Manager Notifications, described above. 

    If you want this Dynamic Address Book to monitor future campaigns, you must return to the Select Campaigns list and add those campaigns.

  10. In the Addresses section, note that there is a new, empty address book named DAB Addresses. No action is needed at this time.
  11. Click Save.
    Warning messages might appear at the top of the page if you did not complete all of the required information. Address any errors and click Save again.

Proceed to Creating and Running an Automated Campaign.