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Installation Instructions - Microsoft Outlook Button

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Note that beginning with the Barracuda PhishLine Microsoft Outlook button version, you must install the .NET 4.6.1 Framework before installing and configuring the Microsoft Outlook button.

Client Requirements

The Microsoft Outlook button can be installed for Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 for Windows. There is no Mac client. Use the Exchange Button if you need Mac or Web buttons.

Make sure to choose the installer that corresponds to your version of Office/Outlook. This is essential for proper functioning of the phishing button.

  • You must use the 32-bit installer for 32-bit versions of Office/Outlook, regardless of your version of Windows.
  • You must use the 64-bit installer for 64-bit versions of Office/Outlook, regardless of your version of Windows.

If you are installing on 64-bit Windows, but have 32-bit Office/Outlook, you must use the 32-bit installer.

How to Install

  1. Finish all configuration on the Button Configuration Manager page for your Microsoft Outlook button, as described in Customization Options - Microsoft Outlook Button, then click Save.
  2. On the Button Configuration Manager page for your Outlook button, scroll down to the Instructions section. Download the file.
  3. Unzip the file.
    Note that previewing the unzipped file by clicking on it is not sufficient. You must click Extract All or use other method to completely extract all files.
  4. The install.bat file shows how to run the included PhishlineSetup...32bit.exe file with the parameters you specified.

For large installations: Execute the command line through Group Policy for mass installations.

Installation Notes

  • The current configuration has requested a 'Quiet Install'. This adds the /quiet parameter to the install.bat.
  • The system is configured not to automatically restart during install/uninstall. This adds the /norestart to the install.bat and uninstall.bat.
  • The Enable Auto Sync option is selected by default. Every time an Outlook client starts, it will attempt to download new versions of the configuration file from your instance. For example,
    If a client is unable to download an updated configuration for any reason, it will attempt to use the locally installed configuration, stored in %localappdata%\PhishLine\config.json.
  • You are not required to host the configuration file or the custom images on the Barracuda PhishLine platform. The CONFIGURL= option is designed to work with any web server that can distribute the JSON configuration.
  • Installation logs are created in %TEMP% as PhishLine_TIMESTAMP.log, where TIMESTAMP is an actual time stamp.
  • For debug purposes after installation, look at the %localappdata%\PhishLine\phishline.log.
  • Outlook must be restarted to trigger the initial download of the configuration JSON and the button image, regardless of whether Outlook was open during installation.

How to Uninstall

Use the uninstall.bat file, which includes information on how to uninstall using the /uninstall parameter.



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