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Installation Instructions - Google Button

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To customize and install the Barracuda PhishLine button for Google, contact Barracuda PhishLine Technical Support.

This article describes how to install the Google reporting button.

Installation Instructions for All Users

The Report Phish Google Chrome Extension requires only one file, the JSON file, which contains your configuration.

Adding the Extension
  1. Finish all configuration on the Button Configuration Manager page for your Google button, as described in Customization Options - Google Button, then click Save.
  2. On the Button Configuration Manager page for your Google button, scroll down to the Instructions section. Download the ReportPhishGoogleChromeExtension.zip file.
  3. Extract the ZIP file and locate the JSON file created. You will upload it in Step 10 below.
  4. Log into your Google admin console at https://admin.google.com/.
  5. Click Device Management, then Chrome Management, then App Management.
  6. Enter the following unique ID (phldmmiembgcogcljikinbpaboeabbdj) for the PhishLine app into the search box to find the extension.
  7. Click the app when it displays on the right side.
  8. Click User Settings.
  9. For your top level organization, enable all four toggle buttons:
    • Allow installation
    • Force installation
    • Pin to task bar
    • Add to Chrome Web Store collection
  10. Click Upload Configuration File and upload the configuration file you saved in Step 3 above.
  11. After the upload is complete, click View to verify. After you verify the upload, close the window.
  12. Click Save.
  13. To verify the policy is loading correctly for your users, go to chrome://policy and verify that Report Phish by PhishLine appears in the list of policies. Verify that Policy Name myConfig has the expected values from your uploaded JSON file. If there are no values, repeat this process.
  14. Continue with Authorizing the Extension, described below.
Authorizing the Extension

Authorize the button for all users of your organization to complete the process. This saves the users from having to authorize the button themselves, which can cause issues if they dismiss the authorization window.

  1. Go to your Google admin console at https://admin.google.com/.
  2. Click Security, then Show More, then Advanced Settings.
  3. Click Authentication / Manage API client access.
  4. Enter the following data, then click Authorize.
  • Client Name: 1021890375372-40uh3ao49enm16lnc4bim3pike52ir0t.apps.googleusercontent.com
  • One or More API Scopes: profile,https://mail.google.com

After you authorize, your users will automatically be able to use the button.

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