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Required Components for an Email Campaign

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You must have at least one of each of these components to create an email campaign:

  • Address Book – The addresses of the recipients of an email campaign. Address Books can range from a simple list of email addresses to including all of your organizational data, along with customized fields. You can merge and export Address Books. (Reputation data cannot be merged.) Refer to How to Create an Address Book for more information.
  • Email Template – The content of the email you will send. Barracuda PhishLine includes a variety of sample templates you can customize, or you can create and customize your own. You might choose to have several templates based on the same theme and then have varying levels of sophistication from low to high. Refer to Email Templates for more information.
  • Email Address for Sender – The addresses used to send out emails in your campaign. You can use your own email or addresses or ones owned by Barracuda.
  • Landing Page – The web page where users land when they click a link or open an attachment in the email they receive. A landing page can be simple or complex. A landing page can be educational; it can also further the simulation, for example, by displaying a login page, feedback form, or geolocation request. Barracuda PhishLine includes some example landing pages to get you started. Refer to Landing Pages for more information.
  • Web Server – The domain name for the web server that will host the landing page. It is good practice to coordinate the name of the server and landing page to compliment the email campaign.


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