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Outbound Analysis

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Outbound Analysis is one of the most frequently used Results pages. Outbound Analysis shows a high-level view of your results from your outbound campaign.

Note that when customizing the button, you must specify your organization's Security Awareness Training email address (phishline_<Instance_Name> in the Send To fields. Refer to the customization instructions for your type of reporting button within Button Plugin Config

Campaign Stats is a tab within Outbound Analysis. This report, formerly known as Campaign Results, shows the most commonly-used statistics for the selected campaigns. Campaign Stats are also shown grouped by email template. 

To learn about Outbound Analysis results:

  1. Navigate to Results > Outbound Analysis.
  2. In the left panel, select one or more filters, like Campaign Name or Action Summary.
  3. View the Schedule tab to view when emails were sent or scheduled to be sent.
  4. View the Actions tab to view information about actions taken by users, including whether they clicked on an email, replied directly to the message, or completed a login form on a landing page.
  5. View the Incident Response tab to view whether simulation messages were reported by end users.
  6. View the Trend tab to view line graphs detailing incident response trends.
  7. View the Detail tab for an overview of the results and ideas for report customization.

Exporting Data

Anything in the Results tables can be exported as a PDF or CSV file. For details, refer to How to Export Data.

Creating Custom Reports

For details, refer to How to Create Custom Reports.

Some ideas for custom reports include:

  • Click and Report Trends
  • Click Count by Campaign
  • Interaction Rate by Department
  • Interaction Rate by Template


For more information about the metrics in these results, refer to Outbound Analysis Metrics.