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Web Activity Analysis

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This is another popular Results page.

This page shows results for activities users preformed based on a campaign.

To view Web Activity results:

  1. Navigate to Results > Web Activity Analysis.
  2. (Optional) In the left panel, specify a Campaign Name or other filter information.
  3. View the Hits tab to see the number of hits, or access to the landing page by a browser or email client.
    Note that there can be multiple hits per user.
  4. View the Critical tab to see the number of hits that are considered to be critical.
  5. View the IP Address tab to see address-related information on the users that visit the landing page. This information is gathered from the user's ISP based on the IP address collected during the web interaction.
  6. View the Browser tab to see browser type and operating system gathered during each web interaction, based on the user agent strings detected.
  7. View the Detail tab for an overview of the results and ideas for report customization.

Exporting Data

Anything in the Results tables can be exported as a PDF or CSV file. For details, refer to How to Export Data.

Creating Custom Reports

For details, refer to How to Create Custom Reports.


For more information about the metrics in these results, refer to Web Activity Analysis Metrics.

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