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Required Components for a Voice Campaign

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You must have at least one of each of these components to create a Voice campaign:

  • Voice Application – The interactive voice structure (voice prompts and phone key inputs) that is used in the campaign. You can use a Voice Application from the Content Center or you can create your own, by following the instructions in Creating a Voice Application.
  • Address Book – Address Books can range from a simple list of email addresses to including all of your organizational data, along with customized fields. You can merge and export Address Books. (Reputation data cannot be merged.) The phone numbers of the recipients of a Voice campaign. Direct dial phone numbers (not extensions) must be populated in the Phone field of the Address Book. There must be an entry in the Phone field, even if it is the same number that is in the Mobile Phone field. Refer to How to Create an Address Book for more information. 
  • Phone Number – The phone number used to make outgoing calls – or to receive incoming calls – in your campaign. Contact Barracuda PhishLine Support to obtain a phone number for your Voice campaign. See note below. 

Local Phone Numbers

  • Local phone numbers for Voice campaigns are not available in all regions or countries. If a local number is not available for you, you can still obtain a toll-free number or a phone number from a different region. Consider using a phone number that is local for one of your other office locations or in a region where you do business.
  • Some countries require that you provide documentation before you can obtain a local phone number. For details, refer to Twilio Regulatory Guidelines for Countries.

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