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SFTP Address Book Configuration and Upload Tool

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This tool allows you to automate the upload of CSV files to Security Awareness Training through secure FTP.

For details on importing a CSV file, refer to How to Create an Address Book.

Creating and Setting Up the Account

  1. Open  Security Awareness Training and navigate to the System > SFTP Configuration Manager page. If you cannot see this option, contact Barracuda Networks Support.
  2. Complete the form with the required information:
    • Public Key ( 4096 bit RSA; OpenSSH format only)If you are unsure about your public key, request assistance from your IT department. The person who automates the process of CSV creation and upload will need the private key half of the key you generate. You must use OpenSSH format for the public key.

      ssh-rsa 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

    • Public IP Addresses – The outbound public IP address(es) of your SFTP client.  Security Awareness Training must allow the specific IP(s) for your SFTP client, so it can access Security Awareness Training’s SFTP server and transfer the CSV file.
    • Email Block List – (Optional.) If the CSV file you are importing might have some entries that should not be entered into this system, enter those email addresses here, one email address per line.
      Note that it is preferable to generate the CSV file without extraneous email addresses, if possible.
    • Contact Email – The email address for a technical contact who will be notified if there is a problem with the automated upload process.
  3. Click Save. Security Awareness Training performs the following actions:
    1. Detects errors in the public key, and reports those errors to you if they exist.
    2. Creates an SFTP user name.
    3. Notifies  Security Awareness Training personnel of a new SFTP Configuration request.
    Note that will take up to two business days for  Security Awareness Training personnel to verify your information, create the SFTP account, and allow access from the IPs requested. You might be contacted during this time if there are any issues with the public key, IPs, etc. A  Security Awareness Training representative will contact you when the setup is complete.

Creating the CSV File

The CSV file with the Address Book information must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have the . csv extension
  2. Be formatted in plain text
  3. Include the following three required headers.  
    • Email Address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
  4. Optionally include any of the following additional headers, in any order:
    • Email Address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Full Name
    • Personal Title
    • Name Suffix
    • Hire Date
    • Organization Area
    • Organization Level
    • Organization Tenure
    • Mobile Phone
    • Phone
    • Company
    • Country
    • Region
    • Site/Location
    • Language Code
    • Time Zone
    • Street Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Source
    • Manager Name
    • Manager Email Address
    • Customer Training URL
    • Custom1
    • Custom2
    • Custom3
    • Custom4
    • Custom5
    • Custom6
    • Custom7
    • Custom8
    • Custom9
    • Custom10
Example Data
Using only Email Address, First Name, and Last Name fields.,Test,User,Test,User 99

Using Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and Mobile Phone fields.,Test,User,999-999-9999,Test,User 2,999-999-9998

Automating the Upload

When you have the CSV file ready for import:

  1. Connect to the following, using the Private Key and Username
    • Port: 22
  2. Once connected, upload the CSV file into the upload directory.

If the file upload fails, contact your consultant or  Security Awareness Training support.

  • Your allowed disk quota is based on the number of licenses allocated to your account. If you try to upload a file that is too large for the quota, the upload will fail.
  • Note that  Security Awareness Training does not keep files that have failed to process, so if your upload fails, upload the file again, by your automated process or IT department.

Final Steps

If the properly formatted file was uploaded successfully, Security Awareness Training's automated processing will pick up the uploaded file, usually within 15 minutes, and process it.

If there are any errors, the system will send an email describing the error to the email address you added to the SFTP Configuration Manager form.

Failure example: If your account has uploaded and processed too many files in one day, you will receive an email.

Automatically uploaded SFTP address books are named with this convention, inlcuding the current date/time: Automated SFTP Import 2019-01-10 10:33:34

If you are unable to understand and correct the error, contact Barracuda Networks Support.

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