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Customer Awareness Domain for Training

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Employees might be reluctant to click on links they do not recognize. To solve this problem, consider using a Customer Awareness Domain. For this method, set up a subdomain according to the instructions below. When you send campaign email messages, the system replaces the training domain in the training links with the subdomain you create, like replacing https://phishline.com... with http://securityawareness.yourcompany.com... 

Note that this functionality affects all outbound campaign messages, but does not change the domains on training links embedded on your landing pages. It also does not change the behavior of other links in the campaign message, like unsubscribe links or links to a landing page.

Using a subdomain of your organization's actual domain provides the best context. Alternatively, with your permission, Barracuda can register another domain to use as the Customer Awareness Domain. For example, Barracuda can register and set up DNS for security-awareness-yourcompany.com.

Note: Barracuda PhishLine does not currently support customer hosted domain authentication using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC DNS records. This is true for both second-level domains and sub-domains.

To set up a Customer Awareness Domain:

In this example, the domain for your organization is yourcompany.com  and the subdomain is securityawareness.

  1. Request that your DNS Administrator add a subdomain, such as securityawareness, with a CNAME that points to lp.PhishLine.com. Set the TTL to 60 seconds or something small to allow Barracuda PhishLine to redirect to other data centers without lag. To test, ping securityawareness.yourcompany.com and check that it resolves to lp.phishline.com.
  2. Navigate to System > Global Settings. Under Advanced Domain, set the Customer Awareness Domain to your subdomain, in this case, securityawareness.yourdomain.com. Click Save.
  3. Send a test email to yourself to confirm that outbound email campaigns with training links use http://securityawareness.yourdomain.com/... 
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