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Content and Campaigns

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Security Awareness Training features a rich library of content you can use in your campaigns. You can use this content as is or you can customize it for your organization.

This article describes how content is related to your campaigns.

Content in the Content Center

The Content Center contains master copies of all content. You can copy or import files and templates from here, but you cannot alter the originals. You can always go back to the Content Center to retrieve the original or a copy you created.

Adding Content to a Campaign

When you create a campaign, you enter the Content Center to find content – like a landing page template – to add to your campaign. There are several choices available.

  • Adding to a campaign or content group – When you click Add to My Recent Campaign/Content Group, the original template is added to your campaign or content group in its original state with its original name. You are able to edit it within your campaign, if you choose.
  • Copying and adding – When you click Copy and Add to My Recent Campaign/Content Group, a copy of the original template is created. The new file has the same name, with a numeral appended to the end. For example, a Landing Page template called Phished_Landing_Page becomes Phished_Landing_Page1. If you make another copy in this campaign or in another campaign, a new template called Phished_Landing_Page2 is created. Notice that if you continue to copy content, you might end up with several copies of the same file.

Editing Copies of Content

You will likely choose to edit content, customizing it for your organization. For example, you might edit a Landing Page template to include your organization's logo and contact information.

In the Content Center, choose Copy and Edit. Edit the Landing Page to customize it for your organization. Add it to your campaign. In the future, you can choose this customized template and make minor changes to it, without having to change the logo again.

Locating Content

Imported Files – In the Content Center

Use the Source filter in the left panel to select either files that are only in the Content Center or files you have Already Imported into previous campaigns. This makes it easier to locate content you have already used in a campaign. You can make a copy and edit it for a new campaign.

Imported Files – Other Locations

Find content you have imported into campaigns under the appropriate category of the Campaigns menu.

From the Campaigns menu, select Email Templates or Landing Pages to view the content and optionally edit it and add it to a campaign.