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Creating a Quick Report

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Create a quick report to get a quick look at your campaign data.

To see all results, create a quick report when the campaign is complete. You can also create a quick report while the campaign is still in progress, although not all data is available until the campaign is complete.

To create a quick report:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns > Campaign Manager
  2. Locate the desired campaign, using filters in the left panel if needed.
  3. In the Action column, click the Generate Report icon generateReportButton.png.
    The quick report starts processing. When it is ready, a notification appears as a red dot over the alert bell in the top right of the screen.  adminBell.png

  4. Click the bell icon and select Export/Print Files.
  5. Locate the report you generated, then click it to download the Microsoft Word (DOCX) file. 
    After you download the report, it is removed from the list.

Click Access All Recent Print/Export Files to see other recently created reports. You can download the report from this list. 

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