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Notification Settings

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Use the Notification Manager to specify who in your organization receives which Security Awareness Training alerts and notifications. 

We are releasing this new feature in phases, in part, because we need your entries here before we can start sending out emails. All notifications are now active, except Campaign Status Updates.
Complete the information for Notification Settings. We will notify you as more functionality goes live.

Background Information 

  • By default, all Security Awareness Training administrators you added using User Management are already imported into this page. (These are individuals who work with administration and campaigns, not end-users who receive the campaigns). 
  • You can add more individuals to this page if you want them to receive specific alerts and notifications. This does not give them administrative privileges. 
  • Administrators must receive Critical Admin Messages and Data Retention Deletion Notifications. They cannot opt out.
  • Each user on this list must receive at least one notification or alert.
  • The first two values, Domain Authorized and Admin User, are assigned by the system and cannot be changed. 
  • The following actions can only be performed on the User Management page. They cannot be performed within the Notifications Settings:
    • Modifying an administrator's information.
    • Removing an administrator from this list. Administrator must be deleted or marked inactive on the User Management page. 

Specifying Recipients

To specify notification recipients:

  1. Navigate to System > Notification Manager.
  2. For the target recipient, click the edit icon editButton.png. To add a new recipient, see the next section. 
  3. Specify the notifications and alerts for this user to receive: 
    • Critical Admin Messages – Required for Admin Users, critical messages include urgent alerts that a campaign must be stopped if a domain is added to a block list. 

    • Data Retention Deletion Notification – Required for Administrators, these notifications warn that data in your system will soon be permanently deleted. Configure the rest of Data Retention Deletion in Global Settings.

    • Campaign Status Updates – Sent daily while your campaign is live.

    • Campaign Summary Reports – These reports are sent out automatically, within a day of each campaign's cut-off date and time. Training Summary Reports and Benchmark Summary Reports are sent after their respective campaigns. 

  4. Click Save.
  5. Repeat for additional users.

‡ Indicates notifications that are not yet active in the multi-phase release. 

Managing Users Listed on this Page

To add a user on this page:

  1. Click New.
  2. Specify an email address from one of your authorized domains, then click Save.
  3. Continue with Step 3 above. 

To remove a user from this page:

  1. Locate the user you want to remove. 
  2. Click the delete icon deleteIcon.png before their email address.
  3. Confirm that you want to delete them from this list. After the system deletes the user, the Notification Settings page displays. 
    As noted above, you cannot delete an administrator from this list. You must mark them as inactive or delete them from the User Management page. 
  4. To cancel, click the Back button on your browser.