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With Barracuda PST Enterprise, IT administrators can control email data stored by end-users in individual PST files and those scattered across the organization, eliminating the risks associated with PST files, as well as reducing ongoing costs and supporting IT requirements for Compliance and eDiscovery.

Barracuda PST Enterprise includes three components:

  • Barracuda PST Enterprise Server
    • Coordinates all PST discovery and email migration operations
    • Drives the two web interfaces
    • Maintains a Microsoft SQL database which provides a full audit trail of all activities
  • Barracuda PST Enterprise Agent Server (Optional)
    • Moves or copies existing PST files as required
  • Barracuda PST Enterprise Client
    • Runs in memory on each target system
    • Locates individual PST files
    • Processes collected PST files according to predefined policies

Barracuda PST Enterprise Server provides two web interfaces:

  • PST Enterprise Management Console
    • IT administration management interface, providing a complete overview of operations
    • Create PST policies
    • Manage migration process
  • Barracuda PST Enterprise Self Service (Optional)
    • End user interface for viewing PST files discovered on their system and ability to apply pre-defined policies

Where to Start

Go to the Getting Started section.

Evaluation Guide

Use the 30-Day Evaluation Guide as a sample roadmap for setting up and testing Barracuda PST Enterprise in your organization's environment. 

Key Features

  • Locate PST files on end-user systems and network file servers
  • Migrate PST files to secure locations
  • Extract PST file data into Microsoft Exchange as well as Microsoft Office 365
  • Eliminate PST files to reduce risk and regain storage

Web Interface