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This article refers to the Barracuda PST Enterprise version 3.1 or higher. Before installing Barracuda PST Enterprise, complete the Getting Started section.

Barracuda PST Enterprise includes an evaluation license that allows you to process the PST files for up to five users for a 30 day evaluation period. Once you purchase a full license, you are supplied with a license file that must be uploaded to the website.

How Licensing Works

PST Enterprise is licensed on a per user basis, as you will be assigning an owner to the PSTs you want to process. Data can then be migrated to the owner's mailbox in Exchange, if you choose to retain the PST data. If you want to assign a shared mailbox as an owner of a PST file, this only counts as one licence, no matter how many different users might have delegate access to the mailbox. Each licence is single-use, therefore once a licence is acquired by one user it cannot be re-assigned to another user at a later date. When the PST Enterprise Client runs, it automatically obtains a licence for the user from the PST Enterprise server; you do not need to manually assign licences to users.

Note that the discovery of PSTs requires a user to be licensed, even if no PST files are found during the discovery process as the user has not created any. If you have not purchased a sufficient number of licences to cover your entire organization, only deploy the PST Enterprise Client for users you want to discover PST files for.

Apply Your License

To upload the license file,

  1. Save the provided file to the installation server.
  2. Log in to the PST Enterprise web interface, and click the Licensing tab.
  3. Click Browse. Navigate to and select the license file, and then click Upload new license.
  4. Once the license is uploaded, a summary of your license displays in the License tab including the number of users:
  5. Click View allocated users to view a list of assigned users.


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