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Barracuda PST Enterprise Self Service

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This article refers to the Barracuda PST Enterprise version 3.1 or higher.

PST Enterprise Self Service allows users to control processing of their own PST files. The PST Enterprise Self Service website has a URL that is the same as the standard administrative website but ends with PSTEnterpriseSelfService instead of PSTEnterprise. For instance, if PST Enterprise is installed on the server, the Self Service website would be:

 When a user connects to this website, Windows Integrated Authentication (IWA) is used to identify the connecting user. If authentication fails, the user may be prompted to enter authentication details.

By default, Internet Explorer only passes IWA credentials without prompting the user for credentials if the web server is deemed part of the local Intranet. If the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is used, Internet Explorer does not recognize the URL as part of the local Intranet. To force Internet Explorer to pass IWA credentials, create a group policy to declare the server as part of the Intranet, or provide users a URL that includes only the server name and not the server FQDN.

Once a user is authenticated, PST Enterprise Client associates discovered PST files with their mailbox and displays the list of PST files. Users can then assign a policy created by an administrator to the discovered PST files. Users cannot create their own policies.


Administrator View
In the administrator view, the policies the user assigns to their PSTs display including policy processing history. To allow users to manage their own PST files, give them the URL to access the PST Enterprise Self Service website, and ensure the policies are named clearly for user assignment.

If you want to reconfigure PST Enterprise Self Service to use forms-based authentication, see Using Forms-Based Authentication.