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Unassigned PST Files Cannot be Processed

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This article refers to the Barracuda PST Enterprise version 2.2 in a mixed Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 environment.

If during a file system scan on a client workstation unassigned PST files are found and listed in the PST Enterprise website but cannot be processed, and the Last Status Update displays Could not log into mailbox, the PST Processing client may be attempting to programmatically create a mailbox profile to the incorrect Exchange Server or CAS array. If this is the case, the uncoupled processing section of a client trace file will display the error code 0×80040115. This error occurs when the Exchange Server set in the Global Configuration tab on the PST Enterprise website is Exchange 2007, and the user mailbox in question is on the Exchange 2010 system. Profiles for Exchange 2010 mailboxes cannot be created by pointing to an Exchange 2007 server, however, profiles for Exchange 2007 mailboxes can be created by pointing to the Exchange 2010 server.

Step 1. Test the Exchange Server Name

You can test to see if this is the cause by using the Control Panel Mail application to create a profile to the named Exchange Server for the mailbox in question. If this fails, try the other Exchange Servers or CAS arrays. Once you can replicate the issue, follow Step 2 below to update the Exchange Server in the Global Configuration page on the PST Enterprise website.

Step 2. Update Exchange Server

To change the specified exchange Server,

  1. Log in to the PST Enterprise website, and click the Global Configuration tab.
  2. In the Exchange Configuration section, change the Exchange Server name to the Exchange 2010 CAS or CAS Array name discovered during the Step 1 above.
  3. Click Save Changes to save the configuration.

The next time uncoupled processing runs on the client, the profile should be created successfully to process the PST file.

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