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Changing the PSTEnterpriseAdmin Account Password

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Required Product Version

This article applies to Barracuda PST Enterprise version 5.2 or higher.

The PSTEnterpriseAdmin account acts as the service account for Barracuda PST Enterprise and is used as the application pool identity. The PST Enterprise website configuration files contain an encrypted copy of the PSTEnterpriseAdmin account password. This cached password is required for successful authentication to Microsoft Office 365 Autodiscover services as they require basic authentication. If you change the PSTEnterpriseAdmin account password in Active Directory (AD), the cached password information in the Local Configuration Store is rendered incorrect and authentication to Exchange Autodiscover fails. This prevents PST Enterprise from obtaining information about mailboxes via Exchange Autodiscover, which can cause mailbox login failures and PST processing to fail. Autodiscover authentication failures may display in the PST Enterprise logging, but when testing Autodiscover using the Autodiscover Test Tool authentication is successful. Though you may be entering the same account information, you are also manually entering the password, while the PST Enterprise website is using the cached incorrect password to perform authentication and hence this fails, while the manual test of Autodiscover via the test tool succeeds.

To update the PSTEnterpriseAdmin account password, you must reinstall PST Enterprise so that the cached password in the configuration files is correct.

To reinstall PST Enterprise, follow the process in Upgrading PST Enterprise (whether you are reinstalling the same version, or upgrading to the latest version). Once the uninstallation process is complete, you can then reset the PSTEnterpriseAdmin account password in AD before proceeding with the installation. During installation, enter the new password for the PSTEnterpriseAdmin account.

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