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Understanding the Local Configuration Store

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In PST Enterprise version 5.2 and higher, there is a set of configuration files stored locally on each machine where one or more of the following PST Enterprise components are installed:

  • PST Enterprise administration website and core components
  • PST Enterprise Copy Agent

These configuration files form the Local Configuration Store (LCS). There are some settings in these files that you may need to modify in order to reconfigure PST Enterprise to work with specific settings in your environment. The LCS files are stored in the following location:


This location contains the individual .ini files and a README.txt file containing a brief overview of the LCS.

Configuration Files

The following table lists the configuration files present in the LCS.

File Name
Agent.iniContains settings for the PST Enterprise Copy Agent Service behavior. 
Hub.iniContains settings for the PST Enterprise Hub Service behavior. 
Install.iniContains settings used by the PST Enterprise installer. 
Spoke.iniContains settings for the PST Enterprise Spoke Service behavior. 
System.iniContains settings used by the PST Enterprise core installation.Do not modify
Web.iniContains settings for the PST Enterprise administration and self service websites behavior. 
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