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Automated PST Enterprise Updates

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Starting with PST Enterprise version 5.2, PST Enterprise can update all its components in an unattended fashion. The PST Enterprise administrator authorizes the installation update from the PST Enterprise administration website, and PST Enterprise then silently updates each installed component, including any Copy Agents servers in addition to the PST Enterprise server.

Update Process

The following components are updated:

  • Core installation on the PST Enterprise server including:
    • PSTEnterprise and PSTEnterpriseSelfService websites
    • PST Enterprise services
    • PST Enterprise client executables in the PSTEnterpriseClient share

      If you have deployed the PST Enterprise Client from another location, you must update this location with the new version of the executables from the PST Enterprise server share.

    • Copy Agent servers

The update is conducted in the following order:

  1. On the PST Enterprise server, the PST Enterprise Services and PST Enterprise websites are stopped.
  2. Any components installed on the PST Enterprise server (PST Enterprise websites, services, and Copy Agent services if installed) are updated.
  3. The PST Enterprise Services and websites are restarted on the PST Enterprise server.
  4. Once the PST Enterprise server is successfully updated, any machines where the Copy Agent is installed are updated. This may occur concurrently if these machines are online and available.
  5. The PST Enterprise Clients runs the new version of the client executable the next time they launch. Any currently running clients during the upgrade continue to run the existing PST Enterprise Client version in memory, and only run the new version once the process is restarted. Depending on your deployment method, this may not occur until the user logs out and logs in again.

Update Monitor

The Update Monitor web page automatically launches once you chose to install the PST Enterprise update. The Update Monitor is a website on the PST Enterprise server accessible from http://<servername>/PSTEnterpriseUpdateMonitor. It may take up to a minute for the update process to start, so it initially displays Not Started. Once the update process begins, the status changes to Updating and provides further details as the components are reinstalled.

Once the update is complete, the Open PST Enterprise button becomes active. You can click this button to return to the PST Enterprise Admin website and log in again.

For more information on status message and troubleshooting, see Update Monitor Status Messages.

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