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Upgrading to PST Enterprise Version 5.1 by Uninstalling and Reinstalling

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This article applies to the Barracuda PST Enterprise version 3.1 or higher.

Use the steps outlined in this article if you are upgrading to Barracuda PST Enterprise version 5.1 or higher from earlier versions.

If you are running PST Enterprise for BMA v3.1, you will require a new licence file to apply after upgrading. Request this by emailing

If you planning to upgrade to version 5.0 and are currently running Copy to Message Archiver policies, the Barracuda Message Archiver must have firmware version 5.0 or higher. If you are not running Barracuda Message Archiver version 5.0 or higher, do not upgrade at this time.

Step 1. Backup SQL Database and Uninstall PST Enterprise Components

Before upgrading PST Enterprise, you should ensure you have a backup of the PSTEnterprise database. On the SQL server hosting the SQL instance used by PST Enterprise, open SQL Management Studio and back up the PSTEnterprise database.

On the PST Enterprise server:

  1. If you customized PST Enterprise, back up the web.config files for both the PSTEnterprise and PSTEnterpriseSelfService websites. These are found in the installation directories, by default, C:\Program Files (x86)\Barracuda\PSTEnterprise\Web\web.config and C:\Program Files (x86)\Barracuda\PSTEnterprise\SelfService\web.config.
  2. If you are using the Policy Override script, take a backup copy of this file. By default, in the Scripts directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Barracuda\PSTEnterprise\Scripts\policyoverridescript.vbs.
  3. You may choose to delete the PSTEnterprise database during the upgrade process, for instance if you want to begin your PST discovery afresh and remove any historic data. If you delete the PSTEnterprise database, you must reapply your licence file after the upgrade. Ensure you have a copy of this licence file.
  4. Make note of your current configuration (see How to Determine the Current PST Enterprise Configuration):
    1. The PST Enterprise Admin Account Name (by default, PSTEnterpriseAdmin)
    2. The Users Group Name (by default, PSTEnterpriseUsers)
    3. The SQL instance name used to host the PST Enterprise database (by default, an instance named PSTENTERPRISE on the local server)
  5. If you are using Copy Agent server(s), make note of the existing Copy Agent configuration:
    1. On each Copy Agent server, browse to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Barracuda\PSTEnterprise\PSTCopyService.
    2. Run ConfigurePSTEnterpriseAgent.exe and note the current settings. In particular, during reinstallation you will need to enter:
      1. The PST Data Location (this is the Local data path setting in this configuration window).
      2. The Target PST Location (this is the Location for completed PSTs' setting in this configuration window).
  6. If you choose to delete the PST Enterprise database as part of your upgrade, note the configuration of all the Policies and Client Configurations you have created in the Administration website. You must recreate these Policies and Client Configurations once the upgrade is complete.
  7. If you are using policyoverridescript.vbs, stop the Default Web Site in IIS Manager to prevent clients from connecting.
  8. If you have installed the Copy Agent, on each Copy Agent server uninstall PSTEnterprise Copy Agent from the Control Panel.
  9. On the PST Enterprise server, uninstall PST Enterprise from the Control Panel.
  10. If you have decided to delete the SQL database as part of the upgrade, you can now delete the PSTEnterprise database.

Step 2. Install the new version of PST Enterprise

On the PST Enterprise server:

  1. You must first run the pre-installation package as per Barracuda PST Enterprise v5.1 Pre-Installation Package.
    1. To maintain the same configuration, use the same PST Enterprise Admin Account name and Users group name as noted earlier.
    2. If you chose to delete the PST Enterprise database, you can use the pre-installation package to create a new SQL instance.
  2. Once the pre-installation package runs, proceed to How to Install Barracuda PST Enterprise v5.1.
  3. If you are using Copy Agent server(s), uninstall and reinstall the Copy Agent server(s) to upgrade the component.
  4. If you customized the web.config, reapply any web.config customizations.
  5. If you were using the Policy override script, reapply policyoverridescript.vbs.
  6. If you deleted the PSTEnterprise database, you must now:
    1. Reapply the license file on the Licensingtab of the PST Enterprise Administration website.
    2. Recreate any Policies and Client Configurations noted earlier in the PST Enterprise Administration website.
    3. If you used a SQL trigger to assign a default policy to PSTs, reapply it as per How to Assign a Default Policy to Attached PST files.
  7. If you upgraded from PST Enterprise for BMA v3.1, you must now apply your new licence file as per the procedure on the Licensing page.
  8. If you had any previous policies which used the Copy to BMA action, edit them and select the Copy to Message Archiver action and set the options as appropriate.

Processing can now proceed on the upgraded system.