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Manual Update Process

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Required Product Version

This article applies to Barracuda PST Enterprise version 5.2.

The automatic update process downloads the update packages from a Barracuda hosted website automatically as these become available and then displays a notification in the PST Enterprise Administration website that a new update is ready for installation. If the PST Enterprise server has no public Internet access, for example, it is secured by a firewall which blocks these protocols, then PST Enterprise is unable to automatically download the update package from Barracuda. You can request the latest update package from Barracuda Support and manually update PST Enterprise as follows:

  1. Request the latest PST Enterprise update package from Barracuda Support.
  2. Copy the provided .AOnePkg file to C:\ProgramData\Barracuda\PSTEnterprise\HubPackageDownloads on the PST Enterprise server.
  3. Open the PST Enterprise Administration website, and login. A message displays stating a new update is ready for installation.
  4. Click on the dialog to authorize the installation of the update.

The Update Monitor opens so you can monitor the update progress.

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