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How To Resolve Password-Protected PSTs Failing To Process

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This article refers to the Barracuda PST Enterprise version 5.1 or later.

When attempting to process password protected PST files, processing fails as the password cannot be determined.

The PST Enterprise Client tracing shows the following error:

15 08:21:55 333047 PSTFileIterator::CreatePstProfile AddPstToProfile failed - trying to determine password
15 08:21:55 338979 GetPassword FAILED to create process, error 0x2
15 08:21:55 341776 This error is because the application '\\PST_ENTERPRISE_SERVERNAME\PSTEnterpriseClient\PstPassword.exe' can't be found 

The PstPassword.exe file is used to determine the password on password-protected PST files so these can be opened for processing; for more information, see Understanding PstPassword. If you manually remove this executable, or it is removed by another process such as anti-virus software, password-protected PST files cannot be processed. To resolve this issue, you must recover the executable or contact Support to obtain another copy of the file.

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