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How To Resolve Unable To Rename Copied Or Moved PST File

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This article refers to the Barracuda PST Enterprise version 5.1 or later.

You have assigned a copy or move PST policy to a PST file, but the policy never completes. While the copy or move is in progress the data is written to a .c2cpartialpst file. Once all data is copied, the file is renamed to a .pst file.

The PST Enterprise Client trace for the PST file in question shows the following error when attempting to rename the PST file on the target share:

30 14:55:37 694930   PSTMoveIterator::PSTCopyCompleted - IsCopyPSTCompleted says PST complete, got request to rename PST '\\SERVER\TargetPST$\User_10\Tracing_Copy_Pst_64.C2CPartialPST' to ''\\SERVER\TargetPST$\User_10\Tracing_Copy_Pst_64.pst'
30 14:55:37 708927   PSTMoveIterator::PSTCopyCompleted unable to rename file '\\SERVER\TargetPST$\User_10\Tracing_Copy_Pst_64.C2CPartialPST' to '\\SERVER\TargetPST$\User_10\Tracing_Copy_Pst_64.pst' last-error=5
30 14:55:37 710721   PSTMoveIterator::Start() - Call to PSTCopyCompleted() has returned false. Operation has not completed yet.

Error 5 indicates that access was denied to perform the operation. The rename of the PST file is performed by the PST Enterprise Client. This process runs under the context of the currently logged in user. The target share where the PST files are copied or moved to by default allows Everyone Full Control permissions. If you have altered the share permissions, this can prevent the rename operation from completing. Read permissions are not sufficient.

You may see a related issue with the attempt to rename the original .pst file extension to .CopiedByPSTEnterprise if you have selected this option in the finalization actions of the policy. The PST Enterprise Client tracing indicates that the file is locked by another process:

24 14:40:53 203723     CPstProcApp::RenamePsts renaming 'C:\Users\userA\Documents\Outlook Files\archive.pst'
24 14:40:53 219460   CPstProcApp::RenamePsts unable to rename file C:\Users\userA\Documents\Outlook Files\archive.pst with new extension .CopiedByPSTEnterprise (GetLastError=32)

This may occur if Outlook has not yet released its lock on the file if this was a coupled PST. The lock is typically cleared after a few minutes, but can on occasion take longer.

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