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How can a customer use ProcDump for troubleshooting service crashes.

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ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions

PST Enterprise, all versions

ArchiveOne For Files, all versions



Barracuda Support may advise you to use the utility ProcDump for diagnostic purposes. ProcDump will generate a dump file when the monitored process hangs or crashes. This article will talk about how to set up ProcDump for a service crash.


To use ProcDump to monitor a process,
  1. Download ProcDump from Windows Sysinternals.
  2. Extract the downloaded and copy to the Archive server.
  3. On the Archive server, open a command prompt.
  4. Browse to the extracted Procdump directory.
  5. Run the command (as advised by the Barracuda Support Representative):
    For a spontaneous crash: procdump -ma MyProcess.exe C:\BarracudaDump
    For a terminating process: procdump -e -ma MyProcess.exe C:\BarracudaDump
    where MyProcess.exe is the name of the process which is crashing. For example, the ArchiveOne service process is AOnePolService.exe.
  6. Leave the command window open to continue monitoring. N.B. Do not close the window as this terminate ProcDump.
  7. When the crash occurs, the dump file will be generated in C:\BarracudaDump

Zip the entire contents of the C2CDumps folder and send to your Barracuda Support representative for diagnostics.

Note that the above commands are for capturing dumps of a 32-bit process, which all current C2C processes except the 64-bit Filter service are. For the 64-bit Filter service the '-64' switch will create a 64-bit dump file as necessary.

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