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Barracuda SecureEdge


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The Infrastructure tab on the SecureEdge Manager provides an overview of all deployed and connected Edge Services, Sites, Connectors, and IoT devices, and lets you configure network settings and manage your connections. For instructions on how to set up the basic configuration in Barracuda SecureEdge, see Getting Started.

To attain a maximally homogeneous SecureEdge network, newly deployed sites will automatically update/align their firmware version to the SecureEdge Edge Services they are connecting to. This will happen regardless of the defined update window on the Barracuda SecureEdge Manager. This mechanism is in place to prevent attaching sites to the SecureEdge network with potentially outdated and/or incompatible firmware versions. 

Since Barracuda SecureEdge uses the following subnet and ASN numbers, do not use them in your network:

  • Subnet 
  • ASN numbers 65000 - 65199 

Edge Services

Barracuda SecureEdge offers a range of Edge Services to organizations with the aim of enhancing their network security and simplifying their mode of operation. You can navigate to the infrastructure configuration and add Edge Services and Sites. The following types of Edge Services are available:

  • Edge Service (hosted)
  • Private Edge Service
  • Edge Service for Virtual WAN


In the Barracuda SecureEdge user interface, you can easily switch between the virtual WANs and display associated Edge Services and connected sites by clicking on the name assigned to the virtual WAN during deployment.

For more information, see Edge Services

Sites T/VT

Barracuda SecureEdge offers hardware and virtual solutions to meet a wide range of networking requirements, ranging from small and home offices up to large data centers. With the SecureEdge VTx, you can run hypervisors that integrate effortlessly with your existing network and server infrastructure. The SecureEdge site appliances have been specially designed to protect and connect your network infrastructure. You can navigate to the infrastructure configuration and add sites. 

For more information, see T/VT Sites

Other Deployments

In addition, the SecureEdge Manager via the Integration tab allows administrators to deploy and connect other infrastructure, such as CloudGen Firewalls, Azure Log Analytics, Barracuda XDR, and IPsec VPN, to Barracuda SecureEdge. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall appliances can be enrolled with Barracuda SecureEdge as a point of enforcement for resource access policies. The firewall appliances can be either stand-alone or Control Center-managed units.

For more information, see Other Deployments.

Further Information