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Barracuda SecureEdge

Barracuda SecureEdge Agent

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The Barracuda SecureEdge Agent is a Zero Trust endpoint solution running on the client that connects to the services offered by Barracuda SecureEdge. The SecureEdge Agent allows users or groups to connect to different resource types, including custom apps or public endpoints such as SaaS services.

After completing the installation and enrollment process, click the Barracuda SecureEdge Agent icon at the bottom of the navigation bar. The Overview page opens.


The Barracuda SecureEdge Agent provides the following details:

  1. Overview – The Overview page shows the status of your device. If your device protection is disabled, click Enable Protection

  2. App Catalog – The App Catalog page displays various applications available for quick access. You can also search for a specific application of your choice.

  3. Activity – The Activity page displays DNS-based allowed or blocked traffic. You can see a graphical representation of your system's activity with respect to date and time. 

  4. Notifications – The Notifications page displays DNS-based blocked websites. This helps to secure your device from modern mobile threats while maintaining your personal privacy.

  5. Settings – The Settings page provides the setup for the enable/disable option for device protection and push notifications. It also provides enterprise enrollment details and support troubleshooting. 

Click on an individual icon to view more detailed information on your connected SecureEdge Agent. The Barracuda SecureEdge Agent for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android is available from their respective app stores. You can download the Barracuda SecureEdge Agent from the following links:


To download the Barracuda SecureEdge Agent, go to .

In addition, the Barracuda SecureEdge Agent for Windows is also available from the Barracuda Download Portal


To download the Barracuda SecureEdge Agent, go to .


To download the Barracuda SecureEdge Agent, go to .


To download the Barracuda SecureEdge Agent, go to


To download the Barracuda SecureEdge Agent, go to Barracuda Download Portal

Accessing Information on the Activity Page

The SecureEdge Agent Activity page provides a status overview for the entire DNS-based Allowed and Blocked traffic. This is a reporting solution that gathers and analyzes data to allow or block traffic. The graphical representation of your system's activity is shown with respect to your selected option: all, today, last week, or last month.

  • In the top-right corner of the Activity page, click the menu icon. You can see History of allowed traffic. 


Accessing Information on the Notifications Page

The SecureEdge Agent Notification page provides information about your system's Blocked activity. You will receive a notification for blocked DNS-based traffic.  

To view the details of Blocked activities:

  • Click the bell icon at the bottom of SecureEdge Agent.

  • The Notifications page opens. You can see all your Blocked activity.

  • To get more detailed information on the Blocked activity, click on Domain blocked.


Accessing Information on the Settings Page

The SecureEdge Agent Settings page displays the installed software version of SecureEdge Agent, and is divided into three sections:

  • Setup, Support, and About. Each section is explained as follows:


In the Setup section, you can view the following information about your SecureEdge Agent:

  • Protection Enabled –  You can enable/disable device protection. When enabling, the SecureEdge Agent authenticates and establishes a connection, and the status changes from red to green.

  • Push notifications – Click to enable/disable.

  • Enterprise Enrollment – Click the right-arrow to open the Enterprise window. This lets you see details about your company, enrollment status, endpoint, and gateway. Additionally, you are also provided with options such as Update and Unenroll.


In the Support section, you can see the Troubleshooting window with the following options:

  • Debug mode –  You can enable/disable Debug mode. 

  • Report an issue – You can report a problem to Barracuda Networks.

    • To report an issue, proceed with the following steps:

  1. In the Support section, click Troubleshooting


  2. The Troubleshooting window opens. Click Report Issue.

  3. The Report Issue window opens. Enter a brief description of your problem.


  4. Click Send to submit the system report file to Barracuda Networks Technical Support for further investigation.

  • Contact IT support – You can contact IT support.

In the About section, you can find more information on the following:

  • Term – You can see the Barracuda Networks legal terms and conditions.

  • Privacy Policy – You can see the Barracuda Networks privacy policy.

  • Open Source Libraries  – You can see a list of Barracuda Networks open source libraries.

  • Quit – To close a Barracuda SecureEdge Agent app, click Quit.

For more information, see How to Configure SecureEdge Access.

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