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Barracuda SecureEdge

How to Configure the DC Client in Barracuda SecureEdge

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The Barracuda SecureEdge Manager allows administrators to configure the DC Agent, which acts as the connector between various Barracuda Networks products and Microsoft domain controllers to transparently monitor user authentication. For Barracuda SecureEdge, the DC Agent setting is workspace scoped. The DC Agent maps user logins to IP addresses and can provide user identity information when traffic from a LAN address arrives at a SecureEdge site or private Edge Service. To enable this functionality, you need to install the Barracuda DC Agent on the AD server. All SecureEdge appliances must able to reach and connect to the DC Agent on the AD server and retrieve the User-IP mappings from it. 


Requirements and Limitations

  • For the Barracuda DC Agent to work, you must install DC Agent version 7.2.4 or higher.
  • If the machine is being used by several users, mapping IP addresses to users is restricted to the user who last logged into a machine. This is a known limitation for the DC Agent.

Microsoft Active Directory must be reachable over an IP address in the prefixes advertised via BGP or a LAN connected to the same SecureEdge device as the client VM. 

Before You Begin

Before you configure the DC Agent authentication, you must install the Barracuda DC Agent on the Microsoft Active Directory server. For more information, see Barracuda DC Agent for User Authentication. For more information on how to sync your LDAP Active Directory in the Barracuda Cloud Control account, see LDAP Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID.

You need to install the latest version of the DC Agent, and it must be configured to send the username in the User Principal Name (UPN) format.

Configure the DC Client

Configure the DC Client settings on Barracuda SecureEdge: 

  1. Go to and log in with your existing Barracuda Cloud Control account.

  2. In the left menu, click the Tenants/Workspaces icon and select the workspace you want to configure the DC Agent for your sites or private Edge Services.

  3. Go to Infrastructure > Settings.

  4. In the DC Agent section, specify the following:

    • IP Address – Enter the valid IP address of the DC Agent that you have configured. By default, the DC Agent setting is empty for new workspaces.

  5. Click Save.

After the configuration is complete, you can verify that changes to the DC Agent setting in the Audit Log have been made and that notifications have been sent. In the selected workspace, all SecureEdge appliances should receive a DC client entry with the provided IP.