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Barracuda SecureEdge

How to Get a SecureEdge Trial Subscription

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To evaluate Barracuda SecureEdge for free, Barracuda Networks offers a trial subscription with quick and easy configuration steps. You can create a free trial subscription for the Barracuda SecureEdge and set up a true SASE environment with full features for 30 days. With this subscription, you get a SecureEdge Access trial for 5 seats (users) and a Barracuda (SaaS) Edge Service trial with 50 Mbps of bandwidth. Using the trial subscription, you can easily explore the benefits of Barracuda SecureEdge. Note that the trial subscription is time restricted. You cannot extend your trial subscription. However, you can upgrade your free account subscription. 

Note that the trial subscription ends if you decide to buy the product. For this reason, the free trial subscription capacity (e.g., Edge Service 50Mbps and SecureEdge Access 5 seats) cannot be added to your upgraded  subscription. 

Step 1. Sign Up for the SecureEdge Trial Subscription

  1. Go to and click Product Login.
  2. The Sign In with your Barracuda Account window opens. Click CREATE A USER. Note: If you already have an account in Barracuda Cloud Control, log in with your BCC credentials and continue with Step 8.
  3. The Create New User page opens. Specify the following:
    • Name – Enter a unique name. 
    • Email Address – Enter your email address. 
    • Company Name– Enter your company name.
  4. Click CREATE USER.
  5. The Software License Agreement page opens. Review the software license agreement and click AGREE.
  6. Your account has been created and an email sent to your registered account.
  7.  To activate your account, click the link provided in your email and create a new password.
    change password.png
  8. The Barracuda Cloud Control page opens. Click SecureEdge.
  9. You will be redirected to the SecureEdge Manager. The Welcome to Barracuda SecureEdge page opens.
  10. Click Create.
  11. The Create Service Subscription page opens. After verifying your data residency, click Continue.
    data residency.png
  12. The Software License Agreement page opens. Review the software license agreement and click Accept.

After accepting the terms, you will be directed to the Barracuda SecureEdge Manager. The trial subscription process was successful.  

Step 2. Verify Your Subscriptions in the SecureEdge Manager

  1. In the bottom left of the SecureEdge Manager, click the Profile icon.
  2. The Profile menu opens. Click Subscriptions.
  3. The Subscription page opens. You can see the trial subscription(s) for your products. For example, in this case, Edge Service and SecureEdge Access. 

You can now see the available Edge Service and SecureEdge Access bandwidth on the Subscription page as a Trial Subscription.