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Suspicious Sign Ins

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For important information about suspicious sign-in data and your environment, refer to Getting Started.

Before You Begin

Before Impersonation Protection can collect sign-in data, you must turn on the Microsoft audit log search.  To turn on Microsoft audit log search, read and follow Microsoft's instructions.

Viewing Suspicious Sign Ins

To view suspicious sign ins:

  1. Log into Impersonation Protection at
  2. Click the menu button in the top left corner and select Account Takeover Protection. Then select the Sign Ins tab.
  3. You can search for an email or account or view sign ins in a list by country or in a map. To view a suspicious sign in, click View or click a spot on the map.
  4. The following information about suspicious activity displays for the account:
    • Date – Date and time of sign-in
    • Account – Account in your organization that was affected
    • IP of sign in – IP origin of the sign in
    • User Agent – Method used to access the account
    • Location – Country origin of the sign in
    • Status – Whether the hacker's login attempt was a success or a failure.

Click View Related Sign Ins to see related sign ins for that account.

Note that sign-in information is kept for 30 days. Related sign ins over 30 days are not visible.