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Barracuda Sentinel

Running a Simulated Phishing Campaign

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Periodically, Barracuda recommends running a simulated phishing campaign to train your employees on how to recognize a phishing attack. Barracuda Sentinel can be configured to run a simulated phishing campaign. Once activated, Barracuda Sentinel targets employees within your organization with simulated phishing emails. This helps employees to understand what a phishing message might look like and helps managers to better understand which employees within the organization might need additional training.

To configure and run a simulated phishing campaign, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Barracuda Sentinel dashboard at https://sentinel.barracudanetworks.com/signin.
    Click the menu button and select Phishing Simulation.
    This tab includes a couple of different displays, including the following which lists statistics for the campaigns you have launched to date:
    A chart displaying the percentage of employees within your organization who are at high risk versus those at low risk for being targeted. Certain individuals within any organization are more likely to be the target of a phishing attack, for example, employees with access to the organization's financial accounts and executives able to make high level decisions.
    There is also a window listing which employees are at high risk within the organization and why:
  2. Click LAUNCH CAMPAIGN and follow the instructions on the popup window to configure and then launch the campaign.
  3. You can visit the tab anytime to review results, including the number of successful attacks against the recipients.
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