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MSP Topic - Adding a New Tenant

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This article is intended for use only by Barracuda MSPs (Managed Service Providers).

If you are a Barracuda MSP, you can add another tenant to be managed by Barracuda Sentinel, even if you already have one or more tenants. This process is different for MSPs than for other users.


This process requires Office 365 global tenant administration credentials.

If you add tenants and mailboxes to your Office 365 account after your initial setup, Barracuda Sentinel requires up to 72 hours to learn about these new mailboxes and begin monitoring and protecting them.

To add an additional tenant to a Barracuda MSP account:

  1. Log into Barracuda Sentinel, using your existing Barracuda credentials. Click I already have a Barracuda account to use your existing Barracuda account. 
  2. From the Dashboard or any other page, click the three dots 3dotsBlack.png in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  3. Select Connect Office 365 Account. Select either option and click Next
  4. In the Account I want to connect menu, select the account you want to add. Then click Connect to Office 365
    If you expect to see certain accounts that are not present, you can add them through the ECHOplatform. Refer to MSP Topic - Getting Started for details.
  5. When Office 365 opens, log in as a global tenant admin.

  6. Review the permissions required by Barracuda Sentinel, as you did for your initial account, and click Accept.
    Barracuda Sentinel immediately starts bootstrapping the new account.

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