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Barracuda Site Security Scanner

How to Scan a Site - The New Scan/Configuration Page

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The New Scan/Configuration page makes it easy for you to scan sites so you can help your customers understand their security vulnerabilities and how to improve them. On this page, you:

  • enter your scan credentials
  • choose the network IP range to scan
  • choose devices to scan
  • understand which devices cannot be scanned
  • start the scan
The Barracuda Site Security Scanner scans Windows sites only. Linux and Apple devices are not scanned.



To navigate to the New Scan/Configuration page after you have completed a scan, click New Scan New Scan Button.png.


  1. The New Scan/Configuration page is where you set up and run scans.
  2. The Profile area lets you edit your profile. Click the icon profile.png.
  3. The Scan Credentials area is where you identify your account type (Domain Account or Local Admin Account on Target Device), the name of the domain you want to scan, and the credentials of a domain admin with rights to access the domain.
  4. The Scan Details area is where you choose the range of IP addresses to scan. One or more IP ranges is automatically detected when you validate your credentials for your site. Click Get Devices List when you want to get a list of devices in that range. 
  5. Reset clears any IP ranges you have added and shows only the detected range or ranges.
  6. Add IP Range lets you add another range of IPs to scan.
  7. Click Get Devices List to get the devices in the range.
  8. Once you click Get Devices List, the Devices area is populated with two lists of devices. Devices to Scan shows the devices that are available to scan.
    • You can clear the check boxes of any device you want to exclude from the scan.
  9. Click the Unknown Devices tab to show the devices that can't be scanned. See the Reason column for the reason the device can't be scanned.
  10. Click Scan Now to start the scan.
  11. Click to download the Device Prep Tool. See What To Do About Unknown Devices and Unassessed Assets.
  12. This area displays the number of days you have left before your product expires.