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Barracuda Site Security Scanner

What To Do About Unknown Devices and Unassessed Assets

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There are several reasons why a device was not scanned. In addition to devices not being scanned, sometimes certain tests cannot be assessed.

Unknown devices are devices that are excluded from the Barracuda Site Security Scanner. The scan discovers that the devices exist, but is unable to run the tests on them. Devices can be unknown because:

  • They are a type of device that cannot be scanned, such as a fax machine.
  • They have an OS that is not scanned, such as Linux and Apple.
  • They are experiencing connectivity issues, such as a firewall application that will not allow a scan.

Unassessed assets  are assets that are not assessed due to a data collection issue.

Unknown devices and unassessed assets do not impact the results of the security tests.

Running the Device Prep Tool

The Device Prep Tool is an application that you can run to prepare devices for scanning if the devices are not found by the scanner automatically. In certain cases, the Device Prep Tool can find and prepare devices so the scan can find them, specifically when the device is a Windows device with a firewall application that doesn't allow the scan. The Device Prep Tool creates firewall exception rules that allow the security scan to run.

The Device Prep Tool will not prepare devices that are a type of device that can't be scanned or that have a non-Windows OS.

The Device Prep Tool is run on each individual device, not the network.

To Run the Device Prep Tool on a Device

To perform this procedure, you must have already selected your IP range and gotten a devices list.

  1. If you have already performed a scan, click the New Scan icon.
  2. On the Configuration page, click the Unknown Devices tab.
  3. Click the Device Prep Tool button Device Prep Tool Button.png.
  4. Paste DevicePrepToolSetup.exe into a folder on the target device.
  5. Double-click DevicePrepToolSetup.exe to run it.
  6. Repeat steps 2-3 for each effected device.

When you are finished running the Device Prep Tool on all the devices, you may wish to run a security scan again.