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Barracuda Total Email Protection

License Definitions

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This article describes the licensing definitions for the following products, which are all part of the Barracuda Email Protection portfolio:

The following requirements define an active license:


For customers using Office 365 and Barracuda Sentinel and/or Barracuda Forensics
Barracuda requires the same number of licenses as the number of mailboxes that have an Exchange license in the organization's Office 365 account. This mailbox count for Barracuda Sentinel or Barracuda Forensics will be used for all Barracuda SaaS products.  

For customers not using Barracuda Sentinel or Barracuda Forensics 
Barracuda requires the same number of licenses as the organization's monthly active recipients. This count includes all email addresses that are receiving emails, along with users whose email is being archived. Email aliases, distribution lists, and invalid recipients are excluded from this count, as long as they are marked as such within the Barracuda product.

Shared Mailboxes
Microsoft requires a license for shared mailboxes larger than 50GB. As such, Barracuda also requires a license for any shared mailboxes over 50GB.


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