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Barracuda Vulnerability Manager

What is this IP Address?

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Traffic from this IP address may appear to be malicious, but it is not.

You are seeing this message because you entered the IP address of a Barracuda Vulnerability Manager scan node into your browser.  Barracuda Vulnerability Manager is a web application vulnerability management tool used by authorized individuals to scan sites they control.  It finds vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and others. 

While traffic generated by a web application vulnerability scan may look malicious, it is not.  Traffic generated by Barracuda Vulnerability Manager is specially engineered to determine if a vulnerability exists while causing no damage to the application being scanned.  Although certain firewalls may flag the traffic as malicious due to its nature, rest assured that this traffic will not harm your application.

If you ran a scan using Barracuda Vulnerability Manager yourself, you can cancel the scan at any time by clicking Cancel on your Active Scans page.  If you did not run the scan yourself, another authorized person (such as your IT provider) may be running the scan. Ask your IT personnel.  If you need help, contact