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Barracuda Vulnerability Remediation Service


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Use the Dashboard to view summary information on vulnerabilities found in scanned web applications as well as to view scans in progress and those that have recently finished.

Vulnerabilities Over Time

Displays a bar chart of the number of vulnerabilities for each web application scanned over a period of time. If you are working on improving your website, these numbers should trend downward.

If you have been scanning several sites, the top three sites will be displayed, with other sites grouped together as "Others."

Click the name of a web application at the top of the chart to remove it from the chart, so you can focus on the other web applications. Click the name again to restore the web application data to the chart.

Scans In Progress

Displays a list of scans that are currently running or are pending, along with the percentage complete for each scan. Click Show All to go to the Scan Status page for more details.

Recently Finished Scans

Displays a list of the most recently completed scans, the date they were run, and the number of vulnerabilities found. Click a URL to go directly to the Report for the scan of that web application.