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Backing Up Your Virtual Machine System State

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Virtual machine environments generally provide a snapshot capability, which captures the state of a system as it's running. Once a snapshot is created, you can perform additional operations on the system and revert to the snapshot in the case of disaster recovery (or for any other reason). Because this feature is so powerful, Barracuda Networks strongly recommends performing a snapshot at certain points in time:

  • Before upgrading the Barracuda Networks product firmware.
  • Before making major changes to your configuration (this makes taking a snapshot a convenient undo mechanism).
  • After completing and confirming a large set of changes, such as initial configuration.
  • As a periodic backup mechanism.

Before taking a snapshot, Barracuda Networks strongly recommends powering off the virtual machine. This step is particularly important if you are using Microsoft Hyper-V as your virtual machine environment.

Barracuda Networks recommends that you review your virtual environment documentation regarding the snapshot capabilities and be familiar with their features and limitations.