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Barracuda WAF Control Center

Manage Alerts

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The Alerts page provides information about all the alerts that are triggered across all connected Barracuda Web Application Firewall(s).  The Alert page is divided into two sections:

  • Alert Summary Last (12 or 48 or 72) Hours

  • Alert History Last (12 or 48 or 72)Hours

Alert Summary Last (12 or 48 or 72)Hours                                                                          

This section displays a pictorial representation of the summary of all alerts for the past (12 or 48 or 72) hours by their level of severity.

The first bar chart displays 72 hours as an example timeline that shows the number of alerts that have arrived within a given time period. 


The second bar chart displays information about alerts that are triggered by the connected top 10 appliances along with their severity levels. 


The third chart provides information about the severity of the alert. 


  • Emergency - Event generated when the system is in an unusable state (highest priority).

  • Error - Event generated when there is an error processing the request.

  • Critical - Event generated when the system is in critical condition.

  • Alert - Event generated when an immediate action is required.

  • Warning - Event generated when an action is required to be taken on a particular module configuration or process.

  • Notice - Events generated when an unusual activity is noticed. No immediate action is required.


This section allows you to customize the display of alerts.Preferences

  • View Alerts For - Select the time period to display the alerts. By default, it is set to Last 72 hours.

    • Last 12 Hours: Displays alerts for the past 12 hours.
    • Last 48 Hours: Displays alerts for the past 48 hours.
    • Last 72 Hours: Displays alerts for the past 72 hours.
  • Maximum Number of Alerts - Specify the maximum number of alerts to be displayed in the Alert History section. By default, the latest 1000 entries are displayed.

Notification Settings

This section allows you to configure the threshold for email alerts. This setting helps in avoiding spamming the user’s inbox with repeated alerts.

  • Count Threshold - Specify the minimum number of alerts (of the same type) to be received by the WCC before sending an email notification.

    Set this to one (1) if you want to receive an email notification for each alert.

  • Time Threshold (minutes) -Specify the time interval to wait before sending an email notification for the same alert type.

Example: Consider "Time Threshold" is set to 60 (minutes) and "Count Threshold" is set to 30. If the same alert is received more than 30 times within 60 minutes from the same WAF, an email notification will be sent by the WCC and a new 60 minutes window begins. At the end of 60 minutes, if the "Count Threshold" is not exceeded, the alert count is reset to zero (0). 

Alert History Last 72 Hours

The Alert History page displays a list of all alerts for connected Barracuda Web Application Firewalls. Select the number of entries to view per page. Click the Previous and Next buttons to navigate through the list. 

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