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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

How to Redirect Traffic to a Different Back-end Server Based on a URL Pattern

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This feature is available on all units, however the way to access this feature varies depending on your firmware version.

The WEBSITES > Traffic Management page allows you to define content rules that specify a pattern in the URL or header fields of the request. The Barracuda Web Application Firewall compares URLs and header fields of requests to the rules you define, and applies the content rule policies to matching requests.

Creating a Content Rule

  1. For Firmware version 7.6 and higher:
    1. From the BASIC > Services page in the Services section identify the desired Service.
  2. For Firmware versions before 7.6:
    1. From the WEBSITES > Traffic Management page in the Services section, identify the desired service.
  3. Click the Rule option next to the Service. The Add Content Rule window appears.
  4. In the URL Match field, enter the URL of the requests you want to redirect to a different back-end server. Specify appropriate values for other fields and click Add. See How to Add a Content Rule.
  5. Click the Server option next to the rule you just created. The Add Real Server window appears.
  6. In the IP Address field, enter the destination IP address where matching requests should be redirected. Specify appropriate values for the other fields and click Add. See How to Add a Real Server.


To redirect incoming requests for "www.barracuda.com/xyz/" to Server1 ( you would create a content rule as follows:

  • Rule Group Name – abc
  • Host Match – www.barracuda.com
  • URL Match /xyz*
  • Extended Match * (or specify the condition under which the redirection should take place)
  • Extended Match Sequence – 1000

Adding a Server:

  • IP Address –
  • Port – 80
  • Status – In Service
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